C# and VB.NET now supported by Protrader language builder

11 May 2010

PFSOFT’s IDE toolkit for development of automated trading systems and indicators, PTL Builder (Protrader Language Builder), now supports C# and VB.NET in addition to EasyLanguage™, MQL4™, and its own language, called PTL.

This means that traders who know a bit about programming can now also create scripts in these languages to build their own automated trading systems (i.e. trading strategies, indicators, and analytical tools). C# and Visual Basic .NET are widely-used and mature object-oriented programming languages with in-depth component libraries and therefore allow more complex scripts to be written more easily, as well as working with databases and working over networks.

PTL Builder is actually an IDE (Integrated Development Environment), fully-integrated into PFSOFT’s online trading software products. This toolkit is however justifiably entitled to be considered as a separate piece of software in its own right for development of automated trading systems, based on its wide range of functionality and application, and support for several popular programming languages.

PTL Builder is comprised of a closely-integrated suite of text editing, compilation and debugging tools used to code, test, debug and optimize your trading systems or technical analysis indicators.

Traders who are not familiar with programming can also use the Protrader Visual Advisor tool, which allows development of an automated trading system by simply drawing right on a chart. Visual Advisor can then generate a script for further back testing and debugging in PTL, MQL4™, or EasyLanguage™, although script generation in C# and VB.NET is also planned for the future.

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