New Exchange Solution for Crypto-currency and Derivatives

11 March 2014


PFSOFT, a leader in trading technology, has announced the launch of the Protrader Exchange Solution, the first end-to-end commercial exchange solution available for crypto-currency and derivative trading. The new offering provides all the needed components to launch and manage a crypto-currency exchange and is available now.

On the server side, the Protrader Exchange Solution includes:

  • Scalable cluster technology.
  • Fully integrated matching engine.
  • A web-based administrative console for accessing back and middle-office functions.
  • Easy management of users, trade operations, account operations, commissions plans, and reports.
  • Various settlement options.
"This is the only solution currently available on the market that includes all the needed components for a full lifecycle crypto-currencies exchange. The real strength, however, is the professional front-end suite that includes desktop, web, and mobile trading applications," said Denis Borisovsky, CEO of PFSOFT.

The front-end suite provides traders a comprehensive market view with advanced functionality including:

  • Customizable Market Depth.
  • Customizable Time & Sales.
  • Advanced charting with overlays, drawing tools, customizable timeframes and indicators.
  • Algorithmic trading.
"It's important to mention that this is not a 'box solution'. We provide SOAP and FIX APIs that can be used for integrations with payment systems, websites, CRMs, and even third party software vendors," said Roman Nalivayko, Head of Business Development at PFSOFT. "This will help the market, which is currently offering browser-based low performance trading, to evolve into a trading space that can attract professionals and money managers — not just miners. Exchanges can use this solution to drastically widen their target audience regardless of whether they are start-ups or already established."
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