PFSOFT boosts Indian financial market with innovative multi-asset technology

25 June 2015


Mumbai/Bangalore, June 16, 2015: PFSOFT, one of the world’s leading financial technology providers, has now engaged in India, contributing to the local financial sector development. The company offers a comprehensive and efficient trading platform — Protrader — that allows banks, hedge funds and brokers to operate on all major markets including Forex, Stocks, Futures, Options, and CFDs from a single dealer environment. Adding India to its global expansion plans, PFSOFT has recently established a major business development branch with offices in Delhi and Bangalore to offer the Protrader solution to Indian and southeast Asian market participants. The new branch will provide complete support for potential and actual partners who would like to hire the PFSOFT’s multi-asset technology.

«India is becoming a more and more important market not only for our company, but also for the global financial community». — said Denis Borisovsky, Founder and CEO of PFSOFT. «As India is growing economically and technologically day by day, we have decided to offer our efficient and innovative solution there. We are confident that Protrader will redefine the trading experience for different market participants — investors, day traders and fund managers from India and whole Southeast Asia».
PFSOFT India is built by the true formidable specialists in financial technology and business development who have extensive experience and great passion to their work in the area of their expertise. They will work with prospective clients on setting requirements, implementing and launching a Protrader solution in test and then live environment. After the deployment process is finished, Indian clients will receive a full technical support, including staff training program. In closest future, India team is planning to open new offices in Mumbai and a few other major cities in order to improve support range and quality.
Karthik, CEO of PFSOFT India said: «We strive to provide the experience of professional trading to end users of our platform. Whether they are algo- traders or manual traders, they can take full advantage of the high-end low latency trading by hiring all advanced features of Protrader via Desktop, Web and Mobile platforms. After we opened offices in Delhi and Bangalore, we have faced with a great interest to our product, so now we are looking for an opportunity to expand Protrader solution to other cities of India».
India is an emerging economy, one of the world’s biggest emerging markets that has become highly interesting in recent years owing to the rapidly growing capital market. India has a great history of financial markets evolution that started in the end of the 18th century when country’s first capital market was born in Mumbai. Currently, India’s economy has been growing at a pace of around 5% year by year in terms of real GDP, after growing over 8% annually for years 2009-2011. In such favorable environment, the economic opportunities are growing quickly, and the demand for an efficient capital market with robust financial solutions tend to surge. We strongly believe that this growing economy will induce demand for more efficient capital allocation and transition between seekers and suppliers of funds, therefore creating plenty of opportunities for proper technology to be applied.
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