PFSOFT comes on a new level of user support with knowledgeable

10 March 2011


We are pleased to announce the launch of a knowledge base, which contains detailed description of ProTrader trading terminal functionality. This feature makes work with our software much easier as our clients get opportunity to unlock the full potential of our trading platform for their traders.

Built on the principles of relevance, complementarity and uniqueness, the knowledge base is designed to help users to find answers easily for the most complex issues. Special attention will be paid to the most popular of them.

Deeply integrated into a company’s software, Protrader knowledgebase will enhance the effectiveness of trading strategies, encouraging traders to use the entire functional of platform.

In addition to emphasis on experienced traders, we are focused on facilitating the work of new traders with the trading platform. Clear and precise answers, well thought out structure of sections and descriptive video tutorials are created to help new traders get started quickly, making all range of program functionality more understandable.

Knowledge base complements the technical support, creating a complex of non-primary, but very important services of PFSOFT company. This is another step to make trading easier and more convenient using Protrader trading platform.

Such cooperation with users allows to expand our knowledgebase more rapidly and effectively.

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