PFSOFT implements new release strategy

03 August 2010

In addition to releasing weekly updates to its Protrader trading platform weekly, PFSOFT has also started working with a second development branch to be released every 2 months.

In response to customer requests for more stable versions of Protrader, PFSOFT’s Development, Support and QA teams will now be able concentrate more resources on resolving customer issues more quickly, while at the same time having more time to test new features, the latter only being included in 2-monthly major updates.

The main idea is that the weekly releases will now be minor updates but having higher priority, including only fixes to customer issues, while the two-monthly (major) releases will provide well-tested stable versions and include new features.

This means that clients get the best of both worlds with both types of update: issues are fixed quickly in the weekly updates, while new (non-urgent) features are delivered in stable major updates every two months.

«We are always looking for new ways to improve customer service, as this in fact encompasses the main purpose of our work,» says Illia Kochyzhev, Senior Support Manager. «We always look forward to receiving feedback and suggestions from customers, weighing them up with careful consideration, and acting upon them when feasible.»
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