Protrader 2 is now connected with 3 more major banks

21 August 2012
We are glad to inform you that the Protrader 2 liquidity providers list has been extended to include Goldman Sachs, CitiFX, and Morgan Stanley. These American institutions are some of the most highly ranked financial organizations in the world and their liquidity services are now available for Protrader 2 customers. Goldman Sachs is one of the largest investment banking corporations in the world, which was founded in 1869 in New York. Their main goal, is to help markets remain efficient and liquid, so investors and companies can meet their needs, whether to invest, raise money, or manage risk. CitiFX is Citigroup’s on-line foreign exchange market trading platform for active individual and small institutional clients. The company currently lives in U.S., European and Asian markets, with headquarters in New York and with offices in London, Singapore and Hong Kong. CitiFX offers trades in over 130 currency pairs. Morgan Stanley, an American multinational financial services provider, was founded in New York in 1935. The firm has continually broken new ground in advising clients on strategic transactions and providing new opportunities for individual and institutional investors. According to the situation on May 2012 the total share of these three institutions amounts to 18.90% of all forex transactions. Particularly, the share of Goldman Sachs — 3.12%, Morgan Stanley — 3.52%, and City Bank — 12,26%. Integration with these leading liquidity providers extends opportunities for price aggregation on Protrader 2 platform. Our software allows managing price streams from various providers and aggregates them to one, providing the best execution prices. The PFSOFT team constantly extends the list of liquidity and data providers. New integration with liquidity providers is made within three weeks of confirming the client’s request. Information about banks and statistics in this article was taken from Wikipedia and
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