Protrader expands risk management functionality with new Margin Analyzer panel

29 July 2015


PFSOFT has announced a new advanced tool for professional traders and asset managers in the Protrader trading platform called Margin Analyzer. This panel allows customers to manage the level of risk and create more efficient portfolio in accordance with the individual risk management and, as follows, allows traders to optimize their portfolio for seeking best solution in the short term. Unlike the Account details, the new panel includes an extended functionality, such as:

  • Portfolio modeling;
  • Assessment of the instrument impact on the entire portfolio;
  • Instant calculation of the margin requirements for futures and options by SPAN-like method — Protrader Risk Module.
Feedback from Protrader users was also taken into account during the development of Margin Analyzer panel, so now traders can feel the flexibility of risk modeling and managing the margin requirements with multiple instruments including equities, futures, options and foreign exchange. New functionality is currently available in the latest version of Protrader trading platform. Please, feel free to send a request for additional information.
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