Publish your trades on Twitter!

23 March 2010

PFSOFT announces another 1st: working with Protrader .Net Station, traders can now publish their trades on the Twitter social networking website with just one extra click.

Each time traders execute (open, close, or modify) orders, they can simply check a checkbox (or make sure it is checked by default if they checked it for their last order) if they want to automatically send the information about their trade to Twitter. This means they can interest targeted contacts to build up their Twitter followers.

«There’s no ignoring the power of social networks these days,» says Anton Trakht, Marketing Director at PFSOFT.«With the free new features we are integrating into our software, traders are becoming more and more independent from brokers. This is the logical way forward after our recent launch of the 1st social community where traders can follow each others’ trading performance and even sell trading signals to each other.»
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