UB Tradegate launched Protrader multi-asset trading platform

04 December 2008

Today UB Tradegate announced launch the first multi-asset trading platform in Finland using PFSOFT’s Protrader software. The trading platform allows traders to operate with Stocks, CFD’s, Futures, Options and Forex. The service is primarily aimed at Scandinavian clients.

«We’re very pleased to be able to offer Scandinavian traders a gateway to the world’s financial markets. The ongoing support of PFSOFT has been instrumental in getting up and running and we look forward to working with PFSOFT to further enhance what we think is the most innovative and versatile trading platform in Scandinavia». — Mika Liebkind, the CEO of UB Tradegate comments.
«We’re pleased to be able to offer a true multi-asset platform to our clients». — Denis Borisovsky, CEO of PFSOFT says. — «The Protrader platform was originally designed mainly for the Forex market, but now it is real multi-asset platform».
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