What does Protrader offer to a retail broker?

Protrader allows broker to offer a complete multi-asset trading environment characterized by complexity, C# compatibility and a professional front-end. Protrader trading terminal contains a wide range of tools suitable for day traders, scalpers and algorithmic traders. Desktop, Web and Mobile versions of the trading terminal are available as well.

Multi Asset or FX/CFD solution

Wide range of various instruments within a single platform both for wide multi-asset and FX/CFD business model:
  • Equities
  • Futures
  • Options
  • Forex
  • CFD

Front-End Suite

Main front end features:

Targeting Money Managers

Prime Broker may provide Protrader as a «ready to trade» solution for clients such as investment funds or hedge funds.

It allows to provide access to various markets, fast and reliable execution and advanced performance reports.

Targeting Day traders and scalpers

Protrader platform contains set of tools that will fit intraday traders such as day traders, session traders or scalpers. Inside our platform they will find many useful tools, like: Market Depth, T&S, Matrix, Scalper panel or Chart featuring visual trading

Targeting Algorithmic traders

AlgoStudio is unique, separate application attached to Protrader platform. It features multithreading, backtesting, advanced optimization, and also supports C# code

Flexible liquidity management

  • Unlimited number of liquidity providers through FIX API
  • Aggregation engine built in
  • Manage liquidity sources availability
  • Assign LPs to groups of users