In touch with the world

Our clients can use existing connections and have unlimited number of connected providers simultaneously. Broker is able to manage supported data feeds with no limits, setting accessibility and permissions of each one on user or account level.

A large number of liquidity providers have already been introduced to the list of Protrader's integrations. This list is continuously growing and new integrations are processed upon a client's request.

Sources variety


Liquidity providers

Connecting with liquidity providers (bridges) is an internal part of the multi-asset platform Protrader. Any liquidity provider who supports FIX or Java API can be integrated into the platform. The list of liquidity providers is continuously growing and new integrations are processed upon a client’s request

Market data

Protrader has a wide list of connections with major market data providers now. Each data integration supports different types of information, including level 1 and level 2 quotes, trades, quotes history and some specific information, depending on asset classes and market. All received data can be filtered, recorded and edited

News providers

Protrader has already been integrated with various news feeds, the list of which is expanding and depends on the client’s request. One of the world’s leading news providers, Dow Jones, is available to platform users with the specialized panel directly in the platform. Traders can find news by keywords, source and publication time or by special category