Trading platform ahead of its time

Protrader Windows is an all-in-one trading application combining professional tools with fully customizable interface. Protrader has a high-level functionality and opens access to trade various markets with low latency. Among the huge list of features are multi-asset trading, market analysis, developing and running of algorithmic strategies, risk management, etc. This makes Protrader a unique trading environment.
Algo trading
Perfect Trading Interface - Protrader for Windows

Perfect Interface

Protrader user-friendly interface allows trader to customize each single panel settings as well as the whole workspace entirely. Any user can easily create trading layout according to the special requirements or wishes using a wide range of options and preferences. Traders can use docking panels’ technology to make the most personalized workspace including trading on multiple monitors
Multi-Asset Trading Platform - Protrader for Windows


Protrader windows application functionality allows trading of diverse asset classes including: Forex, Stocks, CFDs, Options, and Futures. Instant access to various markets allows using multi-asset trading benefits and Broker can constantly increase the number of traders without the need to change the trading platform
Chart Trading - Protrader for Windows


Charts system provides clients with regular and advanced chart types, totally customizable time frames, overlay function, a fully customizable toolbar and rich suite of user settings. Chart trading raises speed owing to position management directly on the chart as well as embedded order entry panel increases the convenience of trading process
Algorithmic Trading - Protrader for Windows

Algorithmic Trading

Programming and testing of algorithmic strategies is available using AlgoStudio module - powerful scripts development environment on C# language. It features strategies scripting, debugging, optimization and backtesting. Walk-forward optimization, strategy testing and real time statistic provide traders with deeper analysis of the strategy
Investments - Protrader for Desktop


Functionality of PFSOFT Protrader for Windows allows trading of diverse asset classes including: Forex, Stocks, Options, Forwards, CFDs. Using this, Broker can constantly increase the number of traders without the need to change the trading platform.

Protrader Multi-asset platform - Windows Overview

Advanced trading tools

Scalper - Protrader for Windows


Scalper is a professional panel for short-term high-frequency trading and it provides comprehensive functionality: Level 2 quotes, Time & Sales data, tick charts overlaying, mouse trading mode, etc
Saved Orders - Protrader for Windows

Saved Orders

Simultaneous opening of the positions by basket components from different markets became possible owing to Saved Orders panel. Custom sets of orders can be saved and send on demand
Chart trading tool - Protrader for Windows

Visual Trading

Protrader chart trading tool raises speed of managing multiple positions and orders. Drag and drop orders to modify, close and open positions simply by one click
Market Depth - Protrader for Windows

Market Depth

Tracking market sentiment and order flow becomes possible via professional trading tool Market Depth. It displays Level 1 and Level 2 quotes with a built-in order entry
Time & Sales Analytic Tool - Protrader for Windows

Time & Sales

Time & Sales is a professional analytic tool, which shows information about made trades and level 1 quotes data. It is essential for «tape reading» of current market data
Option Master - Protrader for Windows

Option Master

Option Master allows estimating option positions, plotting option profiles, modelling their change depending on different market factors, and holding testing of the real option positions «on paper»
Matrix - Protrader for Windows


Matrix module designed for the convenient work with Market Depth. The Matrix provides the ability for a single click order entry, modification, and cancellation
Portfolio - Protrader for Windows


Portfolio tool is useful for those traders who trade portfolio strategies. It is possible to build chart of your portfolio, set coefficient between values of instruments and trade portfolio as a single asset