Made for money management

Protrader Multi Account Manager equips asset managers with complex tool to trade group accounts directly from a single center. MAM groups may have an unlimited quantity of accounts. Trading within the MAM panel is fully functional and supports Stop loss, Take profit, order modifying. Account statistics is available for the prelinked accounts too. MAM module provides managers with reports to track all account operations and cash flow including fees and cross prices.

The common scheme of MAM tool can be presented as follows:

Bulk execution

The main benefit of MAM is bulk order execution with instant allocation to the prelinked multi-currency accounts that allows executives to manage capital more efficiently where managing process is mostly automated

Allocation types

MAM groups may contain unlimited number of accounts and support four types of allocation, order modifying, and partial closing as well. Manager can set ratio for each account that helps to distribute positions in predefined rate

Rewards management

Protrader manager is able to indicate counter account by which fees and rewards will be transferred according to specified settings. Managers can choose fee currency, receive rewards in more comfortable way and set personal fee schedule that will distribute rewards automatically

MAM groups

Protrader managers are able to collect unlimited number of accounts in groups according to investment plan and manage them from one center. Quick and easy creation of groups and adding accounts to them makes managing process simple and effective.