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The Protrader server is developed in JAVA. It operates on any J2EE-certified application server under UNIX and LINUX and is compatible with the Oracle and PostgreSQL database management systems. Protrader supports cluster technology that is based on cloud computing and can develop individual solutions for hardware architecture according to server load and user location
Protrader Server Architecture - Database, Cluster Solution, Webstations, Payment Systems

Key features

Management interfaces

Server settings can easily be managed through two administration interfaces:
  • The web based Back office application
  • Server Manager Module that is built into the Protrader for Desktop application


Cluster technology provides horizontal scalability and fault-tolerance of the system by dividing trade and quotes servers. Horizontal scaling of the system enables working with unlimited number of instruments and users. Spread architecture provides rapid response, which is independent of user location. More importantly, this ensures that the application will work even in the case of data center failure

Protrader APIs

Brokers can use Protrader APIs for the following purposes:
  • SOAP API — for integration with CRM, core banking system, website etc.
  • FIX API — for third party software vendor's integration with Protrader for data receiving and order entry access