Build the Prime BrokerEdge

Protrader solution allows banks and brokers to build and maintain an extensive multi-asset white label networks spreading across various regions, countries or even continents. With an ultimate flexibility, automation and scalability broker or bank may offer a complete solution, including technology and liquidity and address it to other banks, brokers, institutional clients or even funds and money managers. Protrader contains a comprehensive set of front-end as well as back office tools offering numerous advantages:

Unlimited White Labels number / prime broker

Unique liquidity settings / white label

Front-end individual branding / white label

Front-end tools availability / white label

Individual back office / white label

Specific revenue settings / white label

White Label with Protrader - Multi-Asset Trading Platform

We strive to solve problems

Due to our experience we have identified numerous problems which most Prime Brokers have when building and configuring their white-label systems. We would like to present our solution to these issues.

How to arrange Prime Brokerage that consume lots of resources?

Protrader back office is highly automated system with CRM integration, reporting and scheduler functionality

How to setup and offer a huge number of instruments?

Protrader has potentially unlimited capacity and is able to hold thousands of instruments per client

How to prepare a WL offer suitable for various currencies?

Protrader allows offering accounts in various regional currencies with cross-rates customization

How to present solution localized for various languages?

It is possible to manage and add language resources that will localize all of Protrader applications

How to arrange liquidity management with many routes and offerings?

Protrader allows flexible routes management using price and trade routes. At the same time it is possible to manage various offerings per each client

How to arrange the reporting for Prime Broker or each WL client?

Protrader facilitates reporting with advanced automation, report templates, controlled access for white labels and task scheduler

How to combine different asset classes and markets?

Protrader is a single dealer environment for connecting markets and asset classes with one or many accounts