PFSOFT turns 13 years old remaining faithful to its core principles

18 October 2016

PFSOFT turns 13 years old remaining faithful to its core principles

October 18, 2016 - Earlier this month PFSOFT, the global fintech developer of multi-asset brokerage and trading solutions,  started its 14th year of its operations. Established in 2003, PFSOFT was launched as a small team of 4 people, and it grown over next 13 years into 100 people company with complex product and global presence.

"The key point here is that we’ve had the core vision for this business since the very beginning" - Explains Denis Borisovsky, founder and CEO of PFSOFT - “As tech guys we were aware of innovation that technology can bring to the financial sphere, and not only to it. However, it was the trading sphere where I have spotted real possibilities given industry’s underdevelopment at that time.

In 2003 Denis’ found out that rapidly developing online trading industry desperately needs suitable IT technology, while contemporary solutions were fragmented and inefficient. "Our first trading products were dedicated to retail traders and seemed innovative at that time, naming ProCharts and ProQuotes platforms.” - Denis describes and adds - “We were dealing with important industry participants and innovators almost from the beginning, in the time when most of them were also small companies with vision."

Denis Borisovsky decides to focus more on solution efficiency and in 2005 he releases Protrader as the first .NET trading platform on the market. New product was focused on stocks and Forex, opening huge possibilities and laying foundation for Protrader’s multi-asset capabilities.



In the same time Denis’ idea evolves into philosophy of creating a single solution for most of asset classes and for all major market participants, such as brokers, banks’ dealing, trading and broking departments, exchanges, hedge funds, prop-shops, or professional traders. This new approach required an enormous effort to build advanced front ends and back office simultaneously, and equip them with extensive, flexible functionality as well as broad connectivity capabilities.

That effort was possible only because company has grown over time up to 100 employees with around 80 of them in main office focused on R&D. In the meantime Protrader evolved and received numerous functionalities as well as dozens of integrations with liquidity providers, prime brokers, exchanges and market data vendors.



PFSOFT is the global fintech developer of sophisticated online trading solutions since 2003.

The company hires more than  100 people, mostly in R&D and QA, and maintains regional representatives in Europe, China, India and Brazil.

The main goal of PFSOFT since the very beginning is to make financial trading more efficient by combining different markets, different asset classes and various market participants in a single environment.

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