PFSOFT’s announcement on MetaQuotes’ legal action

19 May 2017

Statement by PFSOFT’s management on announcement from MetaQuotes.

 “We disagree on merits with accusations raised by MetaQuotes and we decided to defend our position in court. However, as a gesture of goodwill and in order to protect business of our customers we have decided to satisfy MetaQuotes’ demands.


This legal action against us does not affect our operations, neither our clients’ businesses whatsoever. Our multi-asset trading platforms use proprietary solution for algorithmic trading for many years already.


We view the MetaQuotes’ announcement not as legal but rather PR action, and timing seems not accidental. Instead of competing around product quality and expertise, MetaQuotes chosen different way that is unacceptable. However, we strongly believe that product quality and support service will eventually win. 


Roman Nalivayko
Global Head of Business Development"


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